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Sealable HDPE Poly Cd / DVD Sleeves

Pictured above: 1 HDPE Poly Sleeve

Pictured above: 1 Sleeve with CD and CD Booklet.  Note how nicely the sleeve
stores them!


Pictured above: 1 Sleeve Storing a CD. 
Note that the transparent sleeve allows for instant identification of the disk!

Sealable HDPE Poly CD / DVD Sleeves

Sealable HDPE Poly CD / DVD Sleeves with adhesive seal.

These Poly Sleeves are perfect for storing CD's and CD-R's (with, or without booklets) as well as DVD media!  (Or, for that matter, anything with similar dimensions.)

Each sleeve has a reusable seal on the flap which can be used to secure the contents of the package, or to affix the sleeve to a book, table, the side of a computer case (this is great for keeping those system restore utilities handy!), etc.

These sleeves are also  incredibly light weight making them ideal for shipping CD and DVD media (especially if you want are looking to keep the costs down -- jewel cases are heavy!).


Your favorite sleeve just got better!  Our new supply of these sleeves are now made from a slightly stronger and more durable stock!  Your disks will now receive even more protection while being conveniently stored in compact spaces! 

Please Note:  These CD Mailers are NOT designed to be used with CD Jewel Cases!

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500 Sleeves NA $14.99

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