Paper CD / DVD Sleeves With Window & Flap



Paper CD / DVD Sleeves with Window & Flap

Paper DVD Sleeves with Window & Flap.

Each sleeve is made out of durable paper to protect your media from scratches and other damage when being removed or transported.

Each sleeve measures 4.87" x 5" and has a 1.5"x 5" ungummed flap to further protect your disks.  Additionally, each sleeve has a clear poly window to allow you to easily identify the contents of each sleeve.

Other features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth, nonabrasive surface, protecting against scratching 
  • Will not shatter upon impact like hard plastic
  • Smooth surface and flexibility ideal for automatic sleeve inserters
  • Opaque and printable for eye-catching graphics
  • Lightweight and nonbulky, reducing shipping costs and storage space.

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Quantity Standard Shipping Priority Shipping
100 Sleeves $9


200 Sleeves $17


500 Paper Sleeves w/ Window & Flap N/A $40 (FedEx)

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