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Top Seal DVD Case Sleeves (reusable)


Pictured above: Jewel Case Sleeve

Pictured above: Jewel Case Sleeve in use


Top Seal DVD Case Sleeves (reusable)


100 Top Seal DVD Case Sleeves (reusable).

Each reusable sleeve features a gummed flap that allows you to securely package a DVD case and it's contents.

Each sleeve is large enough to accommodate one standard sized DVD case.  Initially the reusable seal on each sleeve is covered with a protective cover.

Each sleeve is made of a transparent plastic and has reinforced edges to assure durability and reusability.

Ideal for use in (used) record / CD / DVD shops, independent musicians or artists looking to give their finished product a more professional look, and collectors looking to protect their collections.

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100 Sleeves NA $14.99

NA $24.98

300 Sleeves NA $38.97

500 Sleeves NA $49.99

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