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BOPP Bizcard Sleeves

Pictured above: 1 BIZCARD Sleeve

Pictured above: 1 Sleeve next to trading card
(for size comparison)

Pictured above: 1 Sleeve holding trading card

Please note: trading card is NOT included with purchase


BOPP Bizcard Sleeves

BOPP bizcard sleeves for bizcard CD-R media.

These sleeves are great for storing/protecting business card (bizcard) CD-R disks.

They also work well for storing trading cards (sports, magic, yu-gi-oh, etc).

These also work very well as flashcard holders to help your children learn math and more! No need to remake cards over and over again because of wear and tear or pay for expensive laminating.

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Quantity Standard
25 Sleeves $4.25


50 Sleeves $4.50


100 Sleeves $5.00


200 Sleeves $6.00


400 Sleeves NA $11.00

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